Understand Your Golf Game In 3 Steps

Eleetz is a new sports analysis platform which provides you your unique swing-signature. You can then see your swing data next to the pro's and see where to improve

Step 1 - Capture

Capture your golf swing video on your phone, tablet or any slow motion enabled camera.

Step 2 - Upload

Upload the video for processing via our state of the artificial intelligence algorithms to understand your current swing-signature and swing data.

Step 3 - Swing-Signature-Data

Take your swing-signature, compare it against the pro's and improve your performance from technique analysis, statistics and more.








Swing-Signature Analysis

This is the default starting point for all clients who wish to work with the Eleetz.com platform.

The swing signature analysis package includes:
1. Eleetz.com login profile

2. Your current swing-signature

3. Detection of the following body parts during your swing sequence

4. Detection of your club movements in your swing uploads

5. Analysis of the body part movements against each other

6. Statistics on how you are moving your body parts

7. Analysis of your club movements during the swing

8. Statistics of how you are moving your club during your swing upload

9. A frame by frame data point extraction

10. Tooling to show overlaid improvement data

11.The ability to compare your swing-signature against the pro’s

12. To start tracking your swing data over time

13. To start to correlate swing technique with performance

14. The ability to share your upload with your friends

Swing Signature Analysis

Swing-Signature Analysis is the default starting point for all clients who wish to work with the eleetz platform.


The platform is now developed and available to everyone
No Additional Hardware

No Additional Hardware

No sensors or high tech cameras required. All you need is your smartphone or fixed camera.

Easy video processing

Easy video processing

Easy video analysis, meaning once you have uploaded your video, we take care of the rest.

Detailed Insights

Detailed Insights

We provide personal analytics of your performance and how you can improve yourself.

Cost effective

Cost effective

No need to keep going to see a coach without results we provide results from the first upload

Available any time

Available any time

The application is available to you anytime you need it. This means you can fix yourself urgently

Compare to the pro's

Compare to the pro's

You can see your results against the pro's and see where you are better or worse

Get in Touch

The software is developed by a team of experts in Stockholm, Sweden.

If you wish to get in touch please email admin@eleetz.com

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