Improve Your Golf Game In 3 Steps

Eleetz is a new sports analysis platform which provides your swing-signature. Once you have your swing-signature you can start to improve using our artificial intelligence swing coaching algorithms.

Step 1 - Capture

Capture your golf swing video on your phone, tablet or any slow motion enabled camera.

Step 2 - Upload

Upload the video for processing via our state of the artificial intelligence algorithms to understand your current swing-signature.

Step 3 - Swing-Signature

Take your swing-signature and improve your performance from technique analysis, statistics and more.

Eleetz Golf

We help you to identify your current swing-signature and how to improve your golf quickly, efficiently and for lower cost than golf lessons using AI


We recommend all new clients start with a swing-signature analysis. Once obtaining your baseline swing signature then you are able to take advantage of our artificial intelligence based coaching packages

Swing Signature Analysis

Swing-Signature Analysis is the default starting point for all clients who wish to work with the eleetz platform.

Get your swing signature!


The platform is now developed and available for beta signup
No Additional Hardware

No Additional Hardware

No sensors or high tech cameras required. All you need is your smartphone or fixed camera.

Automatic video processing

Automatic video processing

Automatic video analysis, meaning once you have uploaded your video, we take care of the rest.

Detailed Insights

Detailed Insights

We provide personal analytics of your performance and how you can improve yourself.

Cost effective

Cost effective

No need to keep going to see a coach without results we provide results from the first upload

Available any time

Available any time

The application is available to you anytime you need it. This means you can fix yourself urgently

Go at your own speed

Go at your own speed

You can follow our advice to improve as fast as possible or you can go at your own pace, we are flexible


Frequently Asked Questions


CAMERA SET-UP What type of camera is required? Only a single camera is required which can be either your smartphone, tablet or existing camera. Where does the camera need to be placed? The camera should Read more…

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